July 31, 2018 - General Transportation

3 Passenger Rail Trends That Provide OEM Opportunities

As the global passenger rail market continues to grow and innovate, it poses attractive opportunities for OEMs and suppliers alike in an effort to address our evolving society and fuel growth further. Gain insight into key trends shaping the passenger rail market and how manufacturers can capitalize on them.

Trend #1: Sustainability

As pressures from the government and environmental groups rise for green transportation, the global rail market must work toward a zero-emission, energy efficient alternative to diesel trains currently operating worldwide. This trend opens up innovative opportunities for manufacturers to generate new sources of power, such as:

  • Battery-powered trains: These trains can be recharged by overhead wires at charging stations.
  • Hydrogen fuel cells: These trains can generate power through an onboard fuel cell that combines hydrogen and oxygen.

Trend #2: Automation

As in the automotive market, the passenger rail market is shifting toward driver assistance technology to improve safety and reduce accident likelihood. This means exploring new avenues for innovative technology that can:

  • Detect and track obstacles
  • Alert the driver about any potential risks

By implementing automated assistance technology, the passenger rail market also will be able to reduce costs associated with accidents and increase the availability of operating trains within a fleet.

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Trend #3: Connectivity

Today’s consumers increasingly desire the ability to stay connected to the digital world at all times. Riding a train is no exception. To address this preference and increase passenger rail popularity, manufacturers are taking advantage of opportunities that enable passengers to stay connected during their commute. Certain innovations include:

  • Passenger connectivity with each other
  • Ability to access real-time travel information
  • Ecommerce websites that allow passengers to pick up packages upon arrival to a station

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