July 25, 2018 - Flexible Packaging

3 Reasons Bostik is the Right Flexible Packaging Partner

As flexible packaging continues to innovate, addressing consumer preferences for portability, functionality and sustainability, package manufacturers are turning to adhesives to make it all possible. While many adhesive supplier options exist in today’s market, gain insight into why partnering with Bostik is the right choice to make for your organization.

Prominent Industry Presence

For over 35 years, Bostik has been a global flexible packaging adhesive leader. An Arkema company since 2015, Bostik’s presence in flexible packaging now extends even farther, offering:

  • Greater manufacturing capabilities
  • Enhanced supply security
  • Increased technology centers

Yet being a global supplier backed by Arkema’s expertise isn’t the only way Bostik stands out in the industry. A member of the Flexible Packaging Association, Bostik also makes an effort to educate the next generation of packaging engineers. By sponsoring the Michigan State Packaging Alumni Association, Bostik supports current students and provides them with educational opportunities to grow their understanding of the flexible packaging market.

Furthermore, Bostik offers a legacy of innovation in flexible packaging adhesives. Known for our developments in cold seal, heat seal and reseal adhesive technologies, Bostik continues to be recognized at PACK EXPO for redefining modern flexible packaging capabilities.

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Formulation Expertise

Bostik’s extensive formulation expertise also enables us to offer a variety of solutions for customers’ end-use performance needs. With a deep understanding of the flexible packaging market’s current trends and growth trajectory, our company is able to adapt formulations to meet changing performance needs and address customer pain points.

Additionally, Bostik is able to offer Arkema’s resources as well as in-house testing, prototyping and piloting capabilities. As a result, we can provide customers with greater confidence in advance of adhesive trials. By utilizing our resources to develop and test adhesives, we are also able to be flexible to customer choices and meet even the most stringent specifications.

 Optimization Capabilities

Working directly with customers, Bostik takes the time to fully understand current production line processes prior to making recommendations for improvement. This attention-to-detail combined with our smart solutions allows us to boost customers’ operational efficiencies, enabling them to:

  • Run faster liner speeds
  • Optimize adhesive coat weight
  • Reduce adhesive waste
  • Improve cost-in-use

For more information on why Bostik is the right flexible packaging partner, visit www.bostik.com.

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