August 30, 2018 - Automotive

What Trends Shape the Automotive Instrument Panel Market?

Expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.02% through 2021, the global automotive instrument panel market is largely being shaped by three key trends. Gain insight into what these trends are, how they address consumer preferences and smart solutions that can keep up.

Trend #1: Leather-Wrapped Instrument Panels

A car’s interior plays an increasingly important role in a consumer’s purchasing decision. As consumers prefer interiors that look and feel luxurious, more carmakers are turning toward using leather, or “leather-like” materials, in their designs and manufacturing processes.

In addition to expressing luxury, leather is a sturdy and durable choice for instrumental panels. Furthermore, given new energy and water-saving technologies, the environmental footprint of leather processing also can be reduced to improve sustainability.

automotive instrument panels

Trend #2: Advanced Vehicle Features

Another trend in the market includes incorporating advanced vehicle features into instrument panels. As consumers become increasingly technological savvy, they prefer connectivity and infotainment systems in their cars and on-the-go. In turn instrument panels are evolving to offer digital displays and other innovative features to meet these demands and boost car sales. 

Trend #3: New Production Materials and Processes

As the automotive market responds to pressures for improved fuel efficiency and increased sustainability, the instrument panel manufacturing process is evolving as well. Currently, instrument panels are made up of VOC-containing materials, such as plastic polymers and foams. These materials release VOCs into the air, which impacts the environment and worker safety. To aid in sustainability, manufacturers are shifting toward materials that contain little to no VOCs.

Additionally, they are using production processes that are more environmentally friendly. By changing instrument panel manufacturing processes, carmakers are also better able to address consumer preference for sustainability.

Bostik manufacturers smart adhesive solutions for instrument panels that also respond to consumer preferences for environmentally friendly, sustainable solutions. Additionally, they help improve manufacturing processes by streamlining operational efficiencies and reducing plant downtime. For more information on how these solutions can help your instrumental panel application needs, visit www.bostik.com.


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