April 20, 2017 - Flexible Packaging

Matte Finish Packaging Trend, What it Means for Adhesives

As consumer preference for all-natural and organic products grows, packaging manufacturers are adjusting their designs to stand out. Matte finish packaging has been one way they’ve opted to do this. Find out more about the matte finish trend and what it means for adhesives.

Matte Finish Packaging Offers Practical and Aesthetic Benefits

It’s no surprise to packaging manufacturers that a product’s coating can affect a customers’ perceived value of it. In addition to wear and tear protection, matte finish offers outstanding visual appeal.

For example, it is less reflective. In brightly lit stores, this benefit helps consumers see the product logo and features more easily.

Matte Finish Packaging Can be Used for Specific Product Aspects

This type of finish does not have to be used throughout the entire package. Instead, the coatings can be applied to certain product aspects to attract consumers’ eyes even further. This helps companies differentiate between certain text or their logos.

Matte Finish Packaging Resonates with Consumers

Offering a paper bag-like quality, many consumers associate this with more natural, fresh products, like baked bread. This enhances their perception of the product’s value and ingredients, even in as little as a few seconds.

What Matte Finish Packaging Means for Adhesives

While matte finish surfaces are becoming an increasingly popular design choice, the films used are susceptible to cohesive failure. This is when the cold seal adhesive used to assembly the package is unable to properly adhere and make a seal.

As a result, adhesive formulations have had to adjust. For example, one innovative adhesive in particular, Turbo-Seal C1775B, is compositionally designed to eliminate or reduce cohesive failure likelihood. It does this by increasing the probability of polymer chain entanglement under pressure.

Additionally, this adhesive is able to overcome the physical embossing effect of matte films, further reducing seal failure likelihood.

For more information on this particular smart adhesive, call 800-7-BOSTIK.


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