February 19, 2020 - Rigid Packaging Tape & Label

4 Potential Ecommerce Packaging Changes in an Ecommerce World

As ecommerce continues to gain prominence, slated to account for over 15% of all sales by 2022, more emphasis is being placed on packaging’s role in this new era. Check out these four potential packaging changes to ensure your well-equipped for what’s to come.

Decreased Importance on Packaging Shelf Appeal

According to a McKinsey & Company article, some analysts speculate that using a product’s packaging to attract customer interest will not be as important as it has been in traditional retail. This is because a product won’t be on a shelf among many other products vying for consumer attention. Graphics and other attention-grabbing designs will be less of a selling mechanism.

New Package Development Opportunities

Additionally, ecommerce will create an opportunity for new types of packaging to be developed. The following types of packaging are forecast to be key to success:

  • Packaging that uses materials durable enough for shipping process
  • Packaging that doesn’t require both primary and secondary packaging to ship
ecommerce packaging

Increased Production Line Optimizations

Further, packaging that can be filled quickly and inexpensively on production lines will likely gain prominence. Package manufacturers will want to ensure they use materials suited for automated equipment that don’t contribute to downtime or product quality issues.

Specialized Packaging Designs

Packaging developed specifically for ecommerce is likely to make headway in upcoming years, too. This entails:

  • Packaging that is lighter weight and smaller in size to help reduce shipping and storage costs.
  • Packaging that is right-sized and uses less material to aid in sustainability initiatives.

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