November 18, 2019 - Tape & Label

4 Ways Linerless Labels Help Sustainable Packaging

As companies look to use sustainable packaging, it’s important to consider the impact labels can have on your ability to reach your goals. Find out four ways linerless labels can make sustainable packaging easy.

  1. Reduced Waste Production

Linerless labels don’t require a liner to first be removed in order for the label to adhere. Additionally, they are designed for variable print lengths and can be cut to fit the exact label length needed. Both of these capabilities reduce waste production and lower disposal costs, contributing toward sustainable packaging.

packaging sustainability

2. Decreased Energy Usage

Additionally, these labels enable you to keep your production lines moving quickly and efficiently, reducing downtime and energy usage. This is because linerless labels fit more labels per roll, requiring fewer roll changes.

3. Reduced Carbon Footprint

Further, linerless labels can fit more labels per pallet than traditional labels. This reduces freight costs and warehouse space, improving your company’s carbon footprint and helping you achieve sustainable packaging practices.

4. Improved Sustainable Substrate Usage

Linerless labels also can adhere to highly recycled content, such as corrugate, and other sustainable packaging substrates. This makes it easier for you to use environmentally friendly packaging materials while still meeting performance needs.

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