5 Types of Sustainable Adhesives You Should Know About

As the global adhesives market continues to grow, green and sustainable solutions are predicted to show greater growth in demand as compared to conventional adhesives. While conventional adhesives work well on all applications, increasing governmental regulations and consumers’ environmental concerns are fueling demand for more sustainable adhesive options instead.

Five types of sustainable adhesives solutions are expected to capture increased market share in upcoming years. 

  1. Repulpable Adhesives

When an adhesive is repulpable, it means it dissolves completely in water during the paper re-pulping process. Repulpable adhesives are ideal for cardboard boxes, envelopes and other paper product applications. Because they are fully soluble in water, these adhesives simply dissolve and don’t leave behind a film or residue.

  1. Renewable Adhesives

Derived from renewable materials, such as plants and beeswax, these adhesives have no petroleum derivatives in their formulations. In addition to a decreased carbon footprint, they further enhance overall sustainability content for many applications, including:

  • Paper lamination
  • Case and carton sealing
  • Bottle labeling
  1. Recyclable Adhesives

Recyclable adhesives are often used for automotive applications as well as for glass, aluminum and steel bonding needs. Fully compatible with the substrates they are bonded to, these adhesives can be fully melted down without yielding any adhesive waste or residue when the end use product has reached its end of life.

  1. Biodegradable Adhesives

Biodegradable adhesives are designed to be broken down by bacteria and other living organisms. During this degradation process, they lead to the production of carbon dioxide, water and other natural gases depending on the environmental conditions. Synthesized using natural raw materials and based on renewable materials, they are ideal for packaging applications, envelopes, hygiene products and medical devices especially.

  1. Compostable Adhesives

Compostable adhesives are a sub-set of biodegradable adhesives. Unlike biodegradable adhesives, compostable adhesives are broken down in a compost pile environment. Designed to work in our existing waste remediation systems, these adhesives leave no harmful residue or waste behind once fully composted.  The resulting compost will then be used to improve and fertilize the soil.

As environmentally friendly initiatives rise, more companies turn toward sustainable adhesives for their bonding needs. Bostik manufactures these five types of sustainable adhesives that not only improve your environmental friendliness, they also increase operational efficiencies and enhance end-use products overall. For more information on how Bostik’s sustainable adhesives can help your company, visit www.bostik.com, or contact us today.

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