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Consumer Packaged Goods (CPGS) Market Trends

While ecommerce continues to rise, physical stores won’t be going away any time soon. However, the dynamics of the environment are changing. Let’s see how consumer packaged goods companies (CPGs) are adapting. The Ecommerce Challenge Ecommerce poses challenges for those CPGs that rely heavily on impulse purchases and in-store sale drivers to attract consumers. To …

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February 8, 2021 - Flexible Packaging Rigid Packaging

3 Factors to Consider for Consumer Packaging Design

As consumers purchase more packaged goods, they look for ones that resonate with what they care about. Find out what those items are and they influence packaging design. Convenience Consumer lifestyles have shifted, becoming more “on-the-go” than in the past. As a result, people care about products that are easy to use, convenient and do …

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Bostik Opens New, U.S. Durable Goods Sales & Technical Center in MI

Bostik, a leading global adhesive specialist for industrial and consumer markets, has opened new and improved durable goods sales and technical center in Farmington Hills, MI this October 2020 to service the aerospace, assembly, automotive, building construction, transportation and distribution markets. While the company has provided comprehensive technical support out of its Ann Arbor, MI …

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How Consumers are Driving Hot Melt Adhesive Growth

As 100% solid, thermoplastic adhesives, hot melt adhesives are versatile bonding solutions for many markets. Yet their versatility isn’t the only reason why hot melt adhesives continue to grow in popularity. Consumers play an important role in their growth as well.  Shift Toward Online Shopping  As consumers’ desire for convenience grows, they are ordering more …

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