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May 17, 2021 - General Transportation

Why Your RV Exterior Bonding Applications Need SMP

As RV manufacturers look for ways to reduce production costs without compromising quality, silyl modified polymer (SMP) technology can help for exterior bonding. Formulated with both adhesive and sealant capabilities, SMP is ideal for the following adhesive applications: Composite skin-to-core bonding Sidewall and floor panel bonding Windshield bonding Gain insight into how SMP bonding helps …

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What are Silyl-Modified Polymers (SMP)?

Watch this video for insight about Bostik’s silyl-modified polymers and the advantages they provide for a wide range of applications.

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Best Practices for Cured SMP Sealant Removal

You may have a need to remove a cured SMP (silyl modified polymer) sealant from your application. For example, you may be taking a part out to replace it and you no longer want SMP in a particular area. Whatever the reason, it’s important to follow these steps for proper sealant removal. Key Items to …

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November 15, 2018 - General Transportation

3 Ways SMP Marine Sealants Make Boat Building Easier

As global leisure boat sales continue to rise, estimated to be worth $51.37 billion by 2025, boat manufacturers are challenged to meet high output demands while also enhancing boat performance and aesthetics. Find out how silyl modified polymer (SMP) marine sealants can make the boat building process easier. 1. Little to No Pre-Treatment Needed Unlike …

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