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February 26, 2021 - Automotive

On-Demand Webinar: How to Improve Automotive Interior Manufacturing with Aquagrip® L3720

Want to learn how Aquagrip® L3720, our innovative water-based adhesive can improve your automotive interior manufacturing processes? Access our on-demand webinar about Aquagrip L3720 and learn about various applications, bonding options, and properties of water-based adhesives. You will also learn how Aquagrip L3720 can do the following: Eliminate the need for primers or treatments on polypropylene …

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February 12, 2021 - Automotive

4 Reasons You Need Water-Based Adhesives For Automotive Interiors

Water-based adhesives have improved in recent years, enabling them to offer distinct advantages over other options and make them an excellent choice for automotive interior manufacturing. Discover four key advantages to using water-based adhesives and why you need to implement them in your next automotive interior assembly application.  Enhanced Trim Aesthetics Vinyl and foam materials …

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September 14, 2020 - Automotive

5 Automotive Interior Trends You Should Know About

New technology and societal trends are changing the way we drive. Although electronic vehicles and autonomous driving were once viewed as luxury functions, these features are now experiencing increased demands within the mainstream market. Sustainable options like rideshare services have also maintained popularity, blurring the line between private and public transport. As these new markets …

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September 11, 2019 - Automotive

Designing Automotive Interiors for Ridesharing

With the ridesharing market attracting about 127 million passengers each month, it’s important for carmakers to ensure their automotive interiors are optimized for passengers’ ridesharing needs. Sufficient Space While ridesharing is often a convenient means of travel, it can pose an issue if passengers are traveling with a lot of luggage or boxes. Ensure rideshare …

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