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June 20, 2018 - Automotive

3 Reasons to Consider Automotive Hot Melt Adhesives for Vehicle Assembly

Given governmental pressures to reduce solvent use, carmakers are moving away from solvent-based adhesives for automotive assembly and turning toward hot melts. While not commonly used in the past, hot melt adhesives are quickly becoming the solution of the future. Find out key benefits these solutions bring to the automotive assembly process and why you …

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May 20, 2013 - Automotive

A Wide Range of Automotive Adhesives

Our range of products include liquid, hot-melt and reactive adhesives, foam-in-place gaskets, webs and film adhesives to fix trim, roofs or upholstery. Bostik offers engineered solutions for bonding needs to meet the ever-increasing performance, comfort and aesthetic requirements of today’s automotive interiors. Continual development, in close cooperation with the end user, has led to a …

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February 26, 2019 - Automotive

Do Your Adhesives Address Door Panel Changes?

As automotive door panels have evolved over the years to include innovative speakers, airbags, lightings and controls, adhesive use in their assembly has as well. Therefore, it has become increasingly important to ensure the right adhesive is chosen for your door panel application needs. Gain insight into two considerations to make to ensure your adhesives …

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