How Bostik Meets Key Needs in Today’s Environment

As today’s industries continue to grow and change, it’s important that adhesive manufacturers are able to evolve in conjunction with them. Take a look at key customer needs and how Bostik addresses them.


In an effort to meet high production demands while keeping costs low, customers look to avoid downtime and line issues as much as possible. This means they need assembly materials that offer productivity enhancements and work well with automated equipment.

Designed to improve operational efficiencies, many of Bostik’s smart products are primerless, which means they can be applied to substrates without the use of a primer. This saves production time and money. Other products offer fast set speeds. By rapidly curing, they aid in streamlined production lines.

Bostik also formulates adhesives that work well on automated dispensing equipment. As this equipment is an important factor driving adhesive use in many markets, including automotive and packaging, adhesives that can keep up with it are a must.


In addition to productivity improvements, customers look to manufacture products that are environmentally friendly and use sustainable practices in the assembly process.

Bostik’s adhesives help address this need. For example, our hot melt and water-based adhesives in particular contain no VOCs, which helps reduce the amount of potentially toxic chemicals being released into the atmosphere. Additionally, our silyl modified polymer products are isocyanate free, making them safe for worker use.

Furthermore, certain Bostik products are derived from naturally occurring resources, which aids in eco-friendliness as well.


As customers evolve, they look to work with suppliers that can evolve in conjunction with them. Bostik works directly with our customers to formulate products specific to their changing needs, applications and performance criteria. We also conduct extensive testing both in our labs and on customers’ production lines. This ensures that our solutions can withstand all requirements and improve their products overall.

For more information on how Bostik meets customers’ key needs, contact an expert today.

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