Bostik To Exhibit, Present at Adhesives & Bonding Expo

Bostik, a leading global adhesive specialist for industrial, construction and consumer markets, has announced it will exhibit a range of adhesives across industrial markets and present on adhesive selection and process tips at this year’s Adhesives & Bonding Expo in Novi, MI July 13 – 15.

Offering complimentary passes to all attendees, Adhesives & Bonding Expo, co-located with Foam Expo, brings together professionals throughout the foam and adhesives supply chain to discover the latest market trends and technologies while also providing valuable conference sessions that detail process optimizations, bond designs and other key industry insight.

At the show, Bostik’s featured solutions will include the company’s line of innovative webs, films and powders designed to increase productivity, heighten worker safety, enhance design flexibility and improve sustainability. Ideal for bonding, coating and encapsulating applications, these products are solid at room temperature and quickly set upon heat activation to form a strong, durable bond. Additionally, Bostik will showcase its new product for automotive interior applications, Aquagrip® L3720. This one-part, plasticizer resistant, water-based adhesive requires no mixing or primers before being spray applied, which reduces production complexities. Other featured solutions will include the company’s butyl tape adhesives for sound damping and sealing needs as well as Born2Bond® engineering adhesives, which are designed to address increasingly small and complex bonding needs across markets.

Further, on Wednesday, July 14, Bostik’s Engineering Adhesives Business Development Director for the Americas, Christos Karadimas, will take the stage along with other panelists and discuss how to choose the best adhesive for given application needs in the show’s “Adhesive Selection 101: Selecting the Correct Adhesive and Surface Preparation to Maximize Production Efficiency” presentation. Audience members will learn about surface preparation technologies and how to assess adhesives’ mechanical properties to better understand and avoid potential production issues. In particular, Christos’ portion will focus on how to address shrinking real estate in micro-assembly processes and the need to obtain process flexibility.

Adhesives & Bonding Expo

“With extensive bonding expertise across global industrial markets, we appreciate the opportunity to show industry professionals how we understand their ambitions and challenges and can help them easily meet tomorrow’s needs today,” said Christos, speaking in advance of the event. “We look forward to coming together in person again, and the Adhesives & Bonding Expo is the perfect forum to do so.”

  • Christos Karadimas, Engineering Adhesive Business Development Director – Americas

Register for your free pass today to learn more about Bostik’s range of bonding solutions and how they can help you. Be sure to visit Bostik’s booth (#904). You can also check out this landing page to let the company know you plan to attend the presentation.

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