February 16, 2021 - General Transportation

Adhesives Help Delivery Vehicles Meet Online Shopping Demands

As conventional delivery methods remain the dominant means of package delivery, the delivery vehicle sector has had to address various challenges ecommerce poses, such as increased order demand and faster shipment needs.

Take a look at some of these challenges and how adhesives have helped resolve them.

Keeping Delivery Costs Low

Delivery costs are factored into the cost of online purchases. They typically account for up to 10% of the overall product cost. The rise in online purchases has meant that delivery vehicles must now carry more packages. This has caused an increase in vehicle weight and decrease in fuel efficiency.

In an effort to not raise delivery costs yet still transport the increased number of packages, the delivery vehicles sector has looked for ways to reduce vehicle weight.

One way to do this has been to design more aerodynamic vehicles. Adhesives also offer a lightweight solution, boosting fuel efficiency. They provide a strong, durable and uniform bond without adding to vehicle weight. Additionally, adhesives help improve overall vehicle durability and aesthetics.

Using adhesives in delivery vehicle manufacturing helps boost fuel efficiency and keep product costs from rising as a result.

delivery vehicles

Having the Ability to Refrigerate Fresh Food

Delivery vehicles also need to be able to deliver fresh foods to people’s doorsteps with more people ordering food online. As a result, refrigeration methods must be added in trucks, adding additional weight. One solution has been to design fully bonded vehicle body structures with adhesives throughout.

Adhesives offer the ability to bond to new, lightweight materials, such as composites, lighter panels and thinner extrusions. In addition to reducing vehicle weight, adhesives also allow for more design flexibility and refrigeration capability in delivery vehicles. This enables the vehicles to better meet the range of online shopping demands.

Bostik manufactures quality adhesives for delivery vehicles. In addressing the sector’s need to reduce weight, our adhesives also improve manufacturing efficiencies, saving customers time and money. For more information, call 800-7-BOSTIK, or visit www.bostik.com/us.

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