Adhesives Education Series: Acrylic Adhesives

Acrylic adhesives provide strength, immediate tack and the capacity to bond to a variety of substrates, including hard-to-bond plastics and oily metals. As a result, they are a popular type of adhesives used for a vast array of applications. Let’s take a closer look at what acrylic adhesives are, their features, key sectors and some unique Bostik innovations:

What are Acrylic Adhesives?

Acrylic adhesives are resin-based adhesives that can create both temporary and permanent bonds. They come in three forms:

  • Liquid acrylic adhesives are directly applied to a clean object using a damp cloth. They are commonly used in carpentry, decorations and upholstery.
  • Paste acrylic adhesives are applied using a tube or brush and work well for metal, glass, wood and waterproof applications. These adhesives can also be used with liquid acrylic adhesives to permanently bond to separate objects.
  • Tape acrylic adhesives are popular for fabric-based applications and can make temporary or permanent bonds, depending on the requirement.

Acrylic Adhesive Features:

Acrylic adhesives have superb levels of initial tack, high bond strength and produce low VOCs when curing, making them environmentally friendly.

Bostik’s acrylic adhesive solutions also have safety and hygiene benefits. These non-allergenic formulations make them ideal for use in areas that need to be highly sanitized or for medical applications that involve skin contact.

Acrylic Adhesive Key Sectors:

  • Aerospace
  • Renovation/decoration
  • Flooring
  • Rolling stock adhesives

Acrylic Adhesive Innovations:

Aerospace Attachments: Bostik’s acrylic technologies for aerospace adopt a pressure-sensitive state when dried at an elevated temperature. This innovation enables easy, hassle free assembly of aircraft interior accessories.

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Floor Coverings: Bostik’s acrylic solutions for floor coverings take on an aqueous composition when distributed in order to ensure easy application over a wide surface area. These non-staining solutions also work to minimize the effects of plasticizer migration for a clean and aesthetic finish to flooring.

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