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How Adhesives Keep Up with Mattress Manufacturing Changes

As cited in Statistic Brain, the mattress industry generates $7 billion in sales annually and is growing at a 3.8% CAGR. With improving disposable incomes and a recovering housing market driving growth, the mattress production process has made changes to keep up with demand.

Take a look at what these changes are and how adhesives are keeping up with them.

Mattress Manufacturing Changes

In recent years, the mattress industry has migrated from simple spring construction to more complex construction and new materials. These changes include:

  • New fibers
  • New foam types
  • Increase in roll-coating process
  • All-foam units

Also, the industry is now using faster, more automated production lines in order to keep up with rising demand.

How Adhesives Keep Up with Mattress Manufacturing Changes

Adhesives have always been used to bond the various mattress components together. However, as a result of these changes, adhesives’ role in the manufacturing process has become even more important.

For example, new materials, such as fibers and foam types, are difficult to bond together. This has meant that the adhesives used must now possess:

  • Increased bonding strengths
  • Increased application use

Furthermore, the need for speed has meant that chosen adhesives need to:

  • Offer fast drying times
  • Cost efficiencies
  • More flexibility

Hot melts are one type of adhesive in particular that has been able to keep up with mattress manufacturing changes. For instance, hot melt adhesives have fast holding power and don’t need drying time. These adhesives are popular in:

  • Bonding foams
  • Pocket coil assemblies
  • Bonding fabrics and fibers

Bostik’s Smart Adhesives for Mattress Manufacturing

Bostik formulates smart hot melt adhesives that are able to keep up with mattress manufacturing’s recent changes. Lightweight, durable and flexible, these adhesives also can possess added flame retardant properties, increasing consumer safety while improving operational efficiencies.

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