April 11, 2018 - Aerospace

Aircraft Thermal Acoustic Insulation Regulations and Smart Solutions

As components used in aircraft manufacturing are subject to increasingly stringent regulations, thermal acoustic insulation is no exception. Take a look at improved flammability standards for thermal acoustic insulation and how the right adhesives aid in its construction.

What is Aircraft Thermal Acoustic Insulation?

Aircraft thermal acoustic insulation is comprised of lightweight fiberglass, insulation and thin film bagging material. Used throughout a plane’s fuselage, this insulation:

  • Deadens noise
  • Insulates against heat or cold
  • Acts as a moisture barrier

Additionally, thermal acoustic insulation helps mitigate the spread of fire in the event of an emergency. By acting as a barrier against flame penetration, the insulation extends the time for fuselage burnthrough, giving passengers more time to safely exit the plane.

aircraft thermal acoustic insulation

Improved Aircraft Thermal Acoustic Insulation Regulations

Historically, thermal acoustic insulation was subjected to only a vertical Bunsen burner test when determining flammability levels. However, the FAA has since implemented additional tests, including:

  • A test to measure the insulation’s fire penetration resistance
  • A test to measure the propensity of the insulation to spread a fire

Additionally, the FAA further defined the types of insulation materials that can be used in thermal acoustic insulation to ensure they:

  • Reduce the spread of fire within airplanes
  • Mitigate the penetration of external fire into the airplane

Smart Aircraft Thermal Acoustic Insulation Solutions

Bostik’s attachment and heat seal aircraft interior adhesives work well for thermal acoustic insulation manufacturing. With excellent heat seal properties, these solutions perform in both high heat and high humidity environments. Additionally, they enable easy interior assembly, boosting operational efficiencies and streamlining production processes.

Furthermore, these smart aircraft thermal acoustic insulation adhesives are manufactured with flame retardant technology directly incorporated into their formulations. Passing stringent adhesive regulations, these products further aid in insulation safety.

For more information on Bostik’s smart adhesives, visit www.bostik.com.

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