September 15, 2017 - Aerospace

Airplane Lavatories Respond to Aircraft Interior Trends

As aircraft interiors continue to innovate, many of these changes have to do with passenger safety, comfort and connectivity. Take a look at airplane lavatories in particular and how they respond to top trends.

Top Aircraft Interior Manufacturing Trends

  • Fuel Efficiency

In an effort to improve fuel efficiency, OEMs have been looking for ways to reduce airplane weight. This has entailed using lighter weight materials, such as composites and adhesives. To help in fuel efficiency, plane lavatories have started using lighter weight materials as well. This is especially important, as items like the sink and toilet can account for unavoidable aircraft weight. By replacing traditionally metal parts in the lavatory with composites, airplanes also have fewer moving parts, which means less maintenance costs.

  • Space Savings

Additionally, manufacturers look to use space as efficiently as possible. This has meant combining the lavatory and galley into one module, which allows airplanes to accommodate extra rows of seats. However, it’s important to note that while saving space is important, designs that accommodate passengers with disabilities remains a priority as well.

  • Cleanliness

As part of airlines’ efforts to increase passenger safety and comfort, cleanliness is also of prime importance. New lavatory designs feature items such as antibacterial coatings and germicidal UV lighting. This is in an effort to improve aircraft interior cleanliness for passengers. More recent developments include touchless faucet and flushing systems, which would help reduce water consumption and aid in airplanes’ environmental friendliness.

As improvements are made to aircraft cabin lavatories, it’s important that the right adhesives are chosen in their manufacturing. Bostik formulates smart adhesive solutions for aircraft interior applications. Learn how these products meet OEM requirements while addressing aircraft trends by calling 800-7-BOSTIK today.

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