September 14, 2020 - Tape & Label

Are You Prepared for the Growing Demands of Floor Marking Tapes?

In today’s rapidly changing world, floor marking tape is seeing higher demand than ever due to its ability to communicate safety and distancing instructions to the general public. Therefore, as a tape manufacturer, it becomes increasingly important that these tapes are in your product portfolio to address rising market demand.

Consider the following important factors to ensure the floor marking tape in your portfolio meets quality and performance needs.

#1: Understand End-Use Environment

When manufacturing floor marking tape, consider the environment it will be exposed to when in use. For example, if the tape is likely to be in a high traffic area, such as a hospital, school or care facility, select an adhesive that offers high cohesive strength. This will ensure the tape is resistant to deformation in those areas.

Additionally, you’ll want to consider if the tape will be indoors or outdoors and the type of flooring. A clean or dirty floor or one with a smooth or rough texture will impact the tape backing you select as well as the coating weight and adhesive thickness you choose.

#2: Think About Tape End-of-Life

While floor marking tape is helpful in communicating safety instructions, those instructions may not be permanent. An adhesive that is compatible with high strength backings will be key to ensuring clean tape removability at the end of its life. If the adhesive leaves behind a residue, it could cause confusion and impact safety.

Be sure to discuss this with your adhesive supplier. Testing for fitness will ensure you can get clean removability from your desired surfaces after aging. You can also consider developing a protocol to easily clean surfaces once the tape is removed.

#3 Consider Other Properties

When manufacturing floor marking tape, it’s important to consider what other properties your end-users may desire. It may need to meet certain hygienic standards, for example. Thinking about this upfront will ensure you select the proper materials in its construction.

Want to get started manufacturing floor marking tape or ensuring yours meets quality and performance needs? Contact a Bostik representative to learn more!

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