Arkema, Bostik’s Parent Company, to Acquire Fixatti

Arkema has announced its proposed, fourth quarter acquisition of Fixatti, a company that specializes in high-performance, environmentally-friendly, thermobonding adhesive powders. This acquisition will enable Bostik to strengthen its global offering of hot melt adhesive solutions and address bonding challenges for the construction, technical coating, battery, automotive and textile printing markets.

 With a presence in six different countries throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas, Fixatti brings extensive capabilities in the grinding, compound and blending of many polymers. The company strongly emphasizes on innovation and quality and presents strong synergies with Bostik.

This acquisition is on the heels of the company’s acquisition of Prochimir, a leading adhesive films company, last year. With Prochimir and now Fixatti, Bostik is well-positioned to better serve customers’ evolving needs at a global scale. Additionally, this acquisition is perfectly in line with Arkema’s strategy to complement the organic growth of its adhesive solutions segment with high-quality, bolt-on acquisitions. With a significant potential for synergies, it will also contribute to Arkema’s ambition to increase this segment’s EBITDA margin to 16% by 2024.  

The acquisition is expected to be formalized in fourth quarter 2020, subject to approval by the antitrust authorities in the relevant countries. For more information on this acquisition, view Arkema’s press release.

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