August 24, 2015 - Automotive

Automotive Value Propositions

When purchasing adhesives for automotive interiors, manufacturers always look for the most practical options and the latest advancements in technology. They need adhesives that are reliable, simple, and able to meet the ever-changing demands of the market. Additionally, consumers have a growing desire for environmentally conscious products. Keeping manufacturers and consumers in mind, Bostik always assesses that the adhesives the company creates meet the standards of being safe, efficient and fast.


The value in Bostik products is more than just the ease and speed at which they can be applied. Bostik is committed to the safety of human lives and environmental regulations. Each year, companies, manufacturers, and factories continue to focus on renewable energy and lower emissions from their facilities. As a result, there is a united effort to reduce adhesive ecological footprints every day. By providing eco-friendly automotive interior adhesives, that effort extends to those who purchase Bostik brand adhesives. In addition to renovating chemicals used, Bostik’s speed and efficiency cut down on the time that machines operate, lowering power needs and carbon emissions.


Bostik analyzes and audits any new adhesive concept. If it passes, reports are prepared, and tailored solutions for custom projects are constructed. The latest focus has been on creating adhesives that are less complex, such as primerless solutions, which reduces the complexity of steps involved with tape attachment. Paying attention to customer needs and forecasting industry trends ensure there are products available regardless of the materials, parts, and requirements.

automotive adhesives

Even the slightest improvement to the manufacturing process can have positive results on the ability to make products quicker. Additionally, industry advancements cause adhesive product adjustments, for which Bostik is prepared. From concept to implementation, Bostik makes conscious decisions that speed up the process. The company also is with customers every step along the way for start-up support to minimize downtime. Bostik ensures machines, adhesives, and applications are working correctly and in unison for the best output. Once manufacturing is stable, Bostik’s technical support is ready for any further questions. As a result, there is decreased hesitation for customers when considering a new product.

The automotive industry always is moving forward; vehicles are advancing every year. Bostik drives forward as well, scrutinizing every aspect of its adhesives. Bostik has changed how automotive adhesives are formulated and utilized. This endless pursuit of perfection means Bostik brand adhesives hold significant value in the market.

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