December 11, 2018 - Aerospace

Aviation Trend: Will Second Level Seating Become A Reality?

As aircraft interiors continue to innovate, Aircraft Interiors International explores the idea of adding a second level to aircraft seating. Read below to learn more about a key aviation trend’s potential positives and negatives to as aircraft interiors continue to evolve.

Potential Positives to Adding Second-Level Aircraft Seating:

There are several proponents to adding second-level seating. For starters, this seating could offer increased passenger privacy and comfort. Seats would be able to further recline, and the overall flying experience could become more relaxing. 

Additionally, this added seating level could open the door to premium pricing for airlines. People would be more likely to pay more for extra privacy on their flight.

aircraft seating

Furthermore, depending on design, this aviation trend could increase the number of occupants per flight.

Potential Negatives to Adding Second-Level Aircraft Seating:

While second-level aircraft seating could mean enhanced comfort for passengers and increased revenue for airlines, the concept also presents several concerns.

For example, adding an upper seating area may require additional aisle space to accommodate it. Depending on the design, this could result in fewer seats per flight instead of more.

Also, this aviation trend may make it difficult to ensure passengers are able to evacuate the aircraft in the required 90 seconds. Sufficient trial and testing would need to be conducted first.

Furthermore, second-level seating designs could prove difficult regarding current aviation certification requirements. Overcoming this obstacle would rely heavily on design engineers’ ability to ensure the extra level of seating doesn’t exceed weight requirements and other safety regulations.

aircraft seating

Yet while there are possible positive and negative aspects to second-level aircraft seating, it is important to note that aviation trends continue to change and innovate. For more information on aircraft interior changes, read these relevant blog posts:

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