March 10, 2017 - Flexible Packaging

Blister Packaging Market: Dynamics, Configuration and Coatings

Growing at an estimated CAGR of 6.25%, the blister packaging market is used for several types of end-use packages. Find out more about blister packaging’s market dynamics, configuration and smart coatings.

Blister Packaging Market Dynamics

The market is set to see growth due to the following factors:

  • Increasing uses in healthcare industry
  • Aging population
  • Demand for conveniently packaged products

Currently, healthcare pharmaceuticals hold the majority of this market. This is in large part because blister packaging:

  • Protects product from moisture and light
  • Reduces likelihood of contamination
  • Allows consumers to purchase a safe level of medicine that can be easily stored

In this sector, blister packaging is used to hold products like tablets, capsules and vials. Other sectors include small consumer goods and food.

blister packaging

Packaging Configuration

A relatively inexpensive option, blister packaging creates packages that are durable, tamper proof and transparent. For pharmaceutical applications in particular, the packaging is comprised of:

  • Forming film:
    • The plastic chosen to create the blisters must be selected based on its property type, grade and thickness.
  • Lidding material:
    • The material chosen must be compatible with heat sealing and offer printability.
  • Heat seal coating:
    • These coatings serve as the bond between the plastic forming film and the lidding material. Ensuring the right heat seal coating is chosen is critical to the appearance and functionality of the package.
  • Printing ink:
    • Printing inks provide graphics and aesthetic appeal to the package

Smart Heat Seal Coatings

As the heat seal coating is essential to the appearance and functionality of blister packaging, it’s important to ensure your chosen heat seal provides:

  • Ability to seal to types of blister films
  • Proper hot tack
  • Needed coat weight

Bostik manufactures smart products designed for blister packaging applications that also offer:

  • Versatility
  • High extensibility
  • Amorous, high Tg materials
  • Chemical resistance
  • FDA compliance

For more information on how our smart heat seal coatings are ideal for blister packaging applications, call 800-7-BOSTIK, or visit www.bostik.com/us

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