How Bostik Addresses Megatrends: Part One

As today’s world rapidly changes, key megatrends play a significant role in its evolution. From energy and mobility to health and technology, the world isn’t the same as it was yesterday or will be tomorrow.

Therefore, it’s important to work with companies that understand these megatrends and have the capabilities to address them. Gain insight into Bostik’s response in part one of this two-part blog series.


Energy efficiency and conservation is one of today’s leading megatrends. To play our part, Bostik offers hot melt adhesives that can be applied at lower temperatures, keeping energy costs to a minimum.global megatrends

Additionally, we manufacture adhesives that can bond composites and plastics, which are seeing increased use in the transportation industry to meet fuel-efficient standards.

Furthermore, Bostik’s new structural adhesives work well in the wind energy market, enabling wind turbine construction. Our polyester adhesives also are helpful in assembling high efficiency electronics used in the solar power market.


To address the push toward electrical cars, i.e., mobility, Bostik’s foam-in-place adhesives are able to bond the new plastics being used in their manufacturing. Additionally, due to the adhesives’ foaming ability, they help reduce car weight, which further aids in the automotive industry’s ability to meet mobility demands and fuel efficiencies.


As the global population grows and cities become larger, Bostik does our part to minimize waste generation. For example, our adhesives are compatible with compostable materials, such as those used in disposable coffee cups and dinner plates. After use, these materials – along with our adhesives – are fully biodegradable, do not contribute to the waste stream and help promote sustainability in an urban environment.

For more insight into how Bostik addresses key megatrends, stay tuned for part two. You can also visit www.bostik.com for more information on our adhesives and processes, or check out the following blog posts on how we respond to climate change:



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