How Bostik Addresses Sustainability: Part One

The sustainability megatrend continues to drive change in terms of raw materials, supply chains and minimizing environmental impact. Bostik embraces sustainability and actively promotes it with our products and business processes. The following are just a few ways Bostik contributes to sustainability:

Nitrogen Blanketing

In the past, an industry standard had been to apply an inert blanket of CO2 over hot melt tanks to protect the adhesives from oxygen degradation during manufacturing. However, this process contributed to the amount of CO2 being released into the air, which negatively impacted the environment.

To address this, Bostik discovered that condensing atmospheric nitrogen to form the protective blanket was just as effective and posed no harmful effects. Now, nitrogen blanketing has become a new industry standard.climate change

Solvent Replacement

While solvent-based adhesives are commonly used in tape and label applications, these adhesives can release harmful VOCs into the atmosphere. As a result, Bostik has formulated superior hot melt adhesives to serve as an environmentally friendly alternative in the tape and label market.

Additionally, Bostik has formulated environmentally sound replacements for chlorinated. materials that were used in automotive and packaging applications. Bostik has aggressively moved to find more sustainable and environmentally friendly replacements for solvents and chlorinated materials

Adhesive Mileage

In an effort to reduce waste, Bostik is formulating lower density adhesives. This environmentally friendly solution enables our customers to bond substrates while using less adhesive as compared to higher density products. Lower density products allow for a greater volume of adhesive to be dispensed, while using the same weight of material.

Bostik also manufactures adhesives that are ideal for intermittent coating systems. This enables our customers to reduce adhesive consumption in their manufacturing processes. Additionally, Bostik’s adhesives offer clean cut off and precise application, which further reduces waste and promotes green production practices.

Stay tuned for more ways Bostik addresses climate change and helps the environment. You can also call 800-7-BOSTIK today for more information.

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