How Bostik Addresses Sustainability: Part Three


Bostik is committed to helping the environment, doing our part to ensure we are being ecologically responsible while also helping our customers meet their sustainability needs. In parts one and two of this blog series,  we looked at several ways Bostik’s adhesives are formulated to help the environment.

Now, gain insight into our production practices that demonstrate our commitment to sustainability and the environment.

Environmental Impact

Assessing our manufacturing processes’ environmental impact is a main focus area at Bostik. We strive to use green chemistry in order to produce more sustainable adhesives that yield less environmental impact. To help in this, we consciously choose certain feedstocks that enhance the level of environmentally friendly adhesive production.

Furthermore, we strongly adhere to LEED and participate in Responsible Care as an Arkema-owned company.



Bostik uses a great deal of automation in our production plants. Doing so helps reduce the ergonomic impact to our employees while also being a more efficient process and producing less waste.

Additionally, we use automation to package our materials in the most compact form possible. Overall, this helps us use less packaging materials, which further contributes to waste reductio and sustainability initiatives.

Inclusion Packaging

While adhesives have traditionally been packaged in disposable packaging, Bostik has changed to inclusion packaging, for some products which offers further environmental advantages. This type of packaging reduces the amount of material needed to package our products.

For example, in our form, fill and seal packageless system, customers can place the entire product and its film casing right into the hot melt tank. No additional packaging material is needed or waste created; the casing simply melts along with the adhesive. This further reduces waste while also boosting operational efficiencies.

Bostik is committed to environmental stewardship and doing our part to help keep it safe and clean. Whether we proactively address the need to eliminate toxic substrates in our formulation or utilize green production processes, Bostik truly cares about making today better for more tomorrows. To learn more about our efforts, call 800-7-BOSTIK today.

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