How Bostik Addresses Sustainability: Part Two

In a recent blog post, we discussed three ways Bostik is addressing climate change and helping the environment. Now, take a look at more ways Bostik works to promote sustainability.

Recycled Content

Corrugated boxes are increasingly being made out of recycled content. Currently, the average box is made out of 47% recycled fiber, and that percentage continues to grow. While recycled board stock offers environmental advantages over virgin board stock, its shorter paper fibers make adhering to it difficult. This challenge is why manufacturers have been hesitant to use highly recycled corrugated, despite its significant sustainability and environmental advantages.

To address this issue, Bostik formulates adhesives specifically designed to adhere to highly recycled corrugated as well as various contaminants that are inherent to this type of material. These revolutionary hot melt adhesives enable manufacturers to use environmentally friendly packaging materials while also decreasing downtime associated with pop-opens and adhesive failures.

Renewable Energy

sustainabilityBostik adhesives also can be found in renewable energy sources. For example, our polyester adhesives in particular offer excellent UV resistance and transparency, making them an ideal option for solar panel assembly. Additionally, Bostik’s structural adhesives are found in wind turbines.

These adhesives are specially formulated to adhere to the unique substrates and challenging applications that are part of the renewable energy industry. In doing so, Bostik furthers its commitment to helping the environment.


While consumers value recyclability, not all products can be recycled. These include ones that are contaminated with food residue and have to be thrown out, ending up in landfills. To address this, Bostik has developed certain adhesives that lend themselves to composting.

As a result, when the product’s material starts to decompose, the adhesives bonding it together do as well. This helps in improving a product’s sustainability.

Fuel Efficiency

In responding to megatrends for fuel efficiency, Bostik’s adhesives are designed to adhere to new, lighter weight transportation materials, such as plastics or composites. As a result, these solutions help enable manufacturers meet environmentally friendly, fuel efficient standards.

Stay tuned for more ways Bostik addresses climate change and helps the environment. You can also call 800-7-BOSTIK today.

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