How Bostik Addresses Megatrends: Part Two

In a recent blog post, we discussed how Bostik addresses energy, mobility and urbanization megatrends. Now take a look at more megatrends and how Bostik responds to each of them.


As the pace of technological change increases, it’s important that companies continue to evolve. This means embracing high-speed automated processes that are needed to meet increasing output demands.

In addition to being formulated for automated operational processes, our adhesives promote technology by bonding materials commonly used in the rapidly growing high-tech electronic manufacturing and wind power markets.

As the embodiment of technology’s continuing progression, our adhesives also can:

  • Absorb odors
  • Dissipate static chargesmegatrends
  • Change color when triggered by an external stimulus
  • Incorporate pigments
  • Emit fragrances

In this way, Bostik is able to address where technology is and where it is heading.


With improving society’s health a top megatrend, Bostik conforms to current health standards while also proactively formulating new adhesives that exceed these standards.

For example, at the forefront of change, our experts track what materials could be an issue even before they become one. This allows us to find safer alternatives for our customers proactively instead of retroactively.

Furthermore, we ensure our adhesives promote long-term health and safety factors. We do not use any materials known to be problematic.

Low Cost

Understanding customers’ needs to reduce costs, Bostik’s adhesives enable them to use less expensive materials, such as recycled board stock and thinner substrates. Additionally, we formulate products that bond to low cost materials. This includes polypropylene, which is becoming more cost effective, as it is derived from abundant natural gas.

For more information on Bostik’s adhesives and processes, visit www.bostik.com, or check out the following blog posts on how we respond to climate change:


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