Bostik Featured Plant Series: Louisville’s Robust Capabilities

Bostik has a rich history in the Louisville, KY area, having been at its current plant site since 1992. This site manufactures over 200 adhesive products based on hot melt chemistries that include pressure sensitive, EVA and polyolefin. As a result, Bostik Louisville services seven of Bostik’s eight Industrial Adhesive markets as well as the Nonwovens industry.

How is Bostik Louisville able to do this?

1. Bostik Louisville Handles Complexity Well

The plant can make adhesives in many forms, including drums, pellets, pastilles, pickettes, co-extrusions and black and grey glue. To meet customers’ diverse needs and timelines, Bostik Louisville’s process conformity and skilled team enable many types of products to be manufactured efficiently in one day.

The plant’s advanced equipment also allows it to formulate adhesives with high shear capabilities and various viscosities.

As a result, the plant is able to be the “yes” solution to many markets, getting products to customers how they need them, where they need them and when they need them.

2. Bostik Louisville Invests in its Future and Employee Safety 

Currently, Bostik Louisville is in the process of a multi-year, multi-million dollar project that will expand the plant’s capacity in the co-extrusion form. Once complete, it will help the plant produce more products even faster.

Bostik Louisville also upgraded its hot oil systems in preparation for expansion, making a capital investment to ensure its business maintains the right product quality for its customers.

Furthermore, the plant is committed to creating value and seeking improvement. A recent example is seen in the process efficiency improvements made to various products, including its mini pastilles, which now offer improved flow for auto and vacuum-feed at the customer.

Bostik Louisville

Last, but not least, the plant recognizes that its people make all the difference, today and as an investment in the future. Bostik Louisville earned a grant from Kentucky to provide on-site job training, ensuring employees are well trained at their current jobs and prepared for future advancement.

Bostik Louisville also cares about keeping its employees safe. The plant invests in proper PPE and equipment that eases and streamlines the manual labor process. It also uses an open communication forum called Smart Cards where employees can voice their safety concerns and improvement ideas, working together to ensure Bostik Louisville is safe and stays safe.

3. Bostik Louisville Offers Product Testing and Cross-Over Capabilities

More expansive than a standard manufacturing plant, Bostik Louisville also conducts product testing for customers. These tests include performance and color testing. As a result, the plant is able to provide additional value to customers.

Bostik Louisville also has the unique ability to work with other Bostik hot melt adhesive plants. This cross-over capability means that the plant is able to help manufacture products for other sites, making it a great nearby resource.

For more information on Bostik Louisville’s capabilities, contact Plant Manager Nicole Collins.

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