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Bostik’s manufacturing plant in Louisville, KY has robust capabilities, allowing it to be the “yes” solution to customers in a range of markets.

This plant also invests in its team members who ensure all of the adhesives are manufactured and delivered to customers when they want them, where they want them and how they want them. We sat down with some of those team members to learn more about why they are sticking with Bostik Louisville.

Casey Curtsinger, a lead operator, has been with Bostik Louisville since May 2015. According to Casey, he’d like to stick with Bostik until he retires.

“Bostik really helps its employees in many ways and views us as people and not just workers,” Casey said.

While he said there’s a lot to do on a daily basis, everyone helps each other get the work done. “For me, what makes Bostik stand out is the work environment here. People genuinely want to be here and like being a part of the team.”

Chris Underwood, a 2nd shift maintenance technician who started with Bostik in June 2016, also likes the plant’s work environment. “In addition to the great people, Bostik Louisville trains us very well so that we can be successful at our jobs,” Chris said.

Additionally, he mentioned that coming to Bostik has been a “breath of fresh air” compared to his other work experiences. “The company cares about and protects our best interests,” he said. “It feels good knowing that sticking with Bostik Louisville will give me a great future.”

Furthermore, Chris mentioned that Bostik Louisville truly respects its employees’ ideas and suggestions for safety improvements. “When we have an idea on how to improve, Bostik Louisville really listens. I’ve seen several safety improvements get implemented just since I’ve started. It’s great to feel like a true part of things.”

Bostik Louisville

Angela Boling has been an operator at Bostik for six months. She also hopes to stay with Bostik until she retires. “I like how we function as a family; everyone gets along and tries to work together to get our tasks done.”

John Steier, an operator for the past five years, also spoke to why he likes Bostik Louisville. “What’s great about Bostik is that the company truly holds its employees to a higher standard and cares about safety. For me, this has translated to holding myself to higher standards both at work and outside of it. Bostik wants me to be the best I can be, and so I do, too.”

In addition, John said he appreciates the job security he has with Bostik Louisville. “I also just really enjoy the work and the people,” he said.

All of the team members we spoke to said they appreciate Bostik Louisville’s benefits packages, including the 401k plan. “Bostik really helps its employees financially,” John said. “With the 401k matches and profit sharing and good benefits packages, it shows they really care about us.”

For more information on how you can build a career with Bostik and enjoy the benefits of sticking with a company that values you as an individual, visit current openings.

Bostik Louisville


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