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Bostik Sealant Products Have SWR Institute Validation

Bostik sealant products are designed to be versatile, long lasting and durable. With a best-in-class warranty, the Sealant, Waterproofing and Restoration (SWR) Institute has added Bostik sealants to the list of industry products that exceed various tested performance criteria.

What is the SWR Institute?

Bostik is an active member in the SWR Institute, a non-profit, international corporation that provides educational opportunities for those engaged in the application, design and manufacturing of sealant, waterproofing and restoration products. Formed in 1972, the organization’s mission was to create an arena where contractors could discuss issues and promote best practices within the industry. Since then, the SWR Institute has grown to include engineers, manufacturers, architects and consultants while still abiding by its initial mission.

This past September, Bostik team members attended the Institute’s annual fall technical meeting, which gave them a chance to speak one-on-one with other members about these latest validated sealant products.

What Products Are Validated?

The following Bostik sealant products have been validated by the SWR Institute:

  • 505: a solvent-free, two-component, non-sage polyurethane sealant that creates the ultimate watertight seal for commercial applications including isolation joints and expansion and control joints
  • 915 FS: a one-component, smooth, fast setting polyurethane sealant/adhesive also capable of dynamic joint movement for use on basement walls, terraces and much more

How Did the Products Get Validated?

Bostik contacted an SWR Institute-accredited lab to have its sealant products tested using the organization’s criteria. The lab then purchased the products at random from Bostik’s authorized distributors and began the Liquid Sealant Validation Program testing. This testing process is designed to ensure clear, accurate and consistent results on the most practical and accepted performance characteristics. The results set the standard and serve as an important comparison tool for end users, applicators and specifiers, answering basic questions such as: “Does it keep water out?” and “Is it breathable and doesn’t trap moisture?”. Once a product passes the validation process, the SWR Institute then grants its Validation Seal and provides the test data in a clear and uniform manner.

These Bostik products will have the SWR Institute’s validation for five years, provided that they pass the test each year. During that time, the products will be posted on the list of validated products.

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