October 2, 2015 - Building & Construction

Kynar® Resins Now Can be Adhered to Using Bostik Smart Adhesive Products

Nowadays, metal has become a prime exterior building material due to its durability, design versatility and aesthetic possibilities. However, it is not without its limitations. Metal tends to be superficially weak and available in a single color. So, in order to make metal both functional and eye-pleasing, it must be coated with a unique finish that adds color yet resists chalking, pitting, chipping or premature aging.

Enter Arkema’s Kynar 500® FSF® PVDF resin. Coatings made from this resin provide protection and preservation to aluminum, galvanized steel and aluminized steel. Noted by architects around the world, Kynar 500® FSF® resin-based coatings stand the rigors of nature and time like no other coating system. For 50 years, this product has proven its extreme weatherability, excellent dirt shedding and superb mildew resistance.

Arkema also features Kynar Aquatec® resin. Coatings based on Kynar Aquatec® resin have similar long-lasting properties as Kynar 500® FSF® based coatings in an easy-to-apply latex. Water-based liquid coatings formulated with Kynar Aquatec® resin can be easily applied to metals, PVC, textiles and elastomers.

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However, the same chemistry that has enabled Kynar 500® FSF® and Kynar Aquatec® resin-based coatings to be durable for 50+ years also creates challenges for sealants/adhesives. These coatings are extremely slick, and therefore they make adhering to their surfaces very difficult.

Bostik has developed high-performance sealants/adhesives that have unprimed adhesion to Kynar® resin-based coatings and are supported by a best-in-class warranty.

Their ability to adhere to Kynar® coatings provides a watertight bond.

One product in particular is 915, a one-component, contractor construction grade smooth polyurethane sealant adhesive capable of dynamic join movement. It is Miami-Dade County Product Control Approved, bonds to Kynar resin-based coatings and has a best-in-class warranty. Applications for 915 include rain gutters, bonding roof tiles and sealing expansion and control joints. Simply put, Bostik products help make other manufactures systems stronger.

These smart adhesive products will be featured alongside Arkema’s Kynar® resins at the upcoming MetalCon, October 14-16 in Tampa, FL. For more information about these products, please call 800-7-BOSTIK.

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