How Bostik Stands Out in Supply Chain Management

In a recent blog post, we looked at changes to supply chain management, certain challenges and a smart solution. Now, take a closer look at how Bostik stands out in supply chain management and brings value to customers.

Measure, Improve, Transform

In a continual effort to improve customer experience, Bostik’s processes are based around a framework of measure, improve and transform. The following fundamentals drive this framework:

  • Delivery capability
  • Delivery reliability
  • Lead time
  • Flexibility
  • Quality

By measuring performance in these areas, Bostik is able to better understand what changes are needed in order to transform the supply chain and leapfrog competitors in serving customers.

Customer Experience

This framework is especially important when it comes to customer experience. In particular, Bostik is on a long-term digital transformation journey to change the way we interact with customers and how the customers experience that interaction. For example, the order management process is being reengineered to make product ordering faster, easier and more responsive to customer needs.

supply chain management

Additionally, Bostik puts a high emphasis on collaborative planning with customers to fully assess and understand their issues, what works for them and what needs to be changed in the supply chain. This also entails a focus on superior versatility, getting products to customers where they want them, when they want them and how they want them.

Supply Continuity

While valuable customer relationships are crucial to success, maintaining supply continuity is another important way Bostik stands out in supply chain management. As a global company backed by Arkema’s expertise, Bostik is able to work towards continual supply of both raw materials from suppliers and adhesive products to customers.

Furthermore, Bostik offers best-in-class product formulation technologies and extensive customer knowledge. These competencies enable the company to provide end-to-end supply continuity in spite of the inherent volatility of the demand and supply markets.

Unmatched in the industry, Bostik’s supply chain management is a key factor of differentiation underlying the company’s leadership position.

For more information on how Bostik stands out in supply chain management, call 800-7-BOSTIK, or visit www.bostik.com to contact us.


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