Bostik Opens New, U.S. Durable Goods Sales & Technical Center in MI

Bostik, a leading global adhesive specialist for industrial and consumer markets, has opened new and improved durable goods sales and technical center in Farmington Hills, MI this October 2020 to service the aerospace, assembly, automotive, building construction, transportation and distribution markets.

New Sales & Technical Center

While the company has provided comprehensive technical support out of its Ann Arbor, MI center for ten years, the move to Farmington Hills gives Bostik the opportunity to offer customers increased access to technical experts, both in-person and digitally, as well as expanded testing capabilities. In particular, this new center allows for virtual engineering support and full mechanical testing to customer specifications for applications such as vacuum-form, spray-on capabilities, roll coat process, foam-in-place and hot bed lamination.

Kevin Campbell
National Sales Manager, Bostik

“We’re excited to expand our in-person and digital capabilities to customers and use this innovation facility to help reduce their time to market, especially during the prototyping build phase,” said Kevin Campbell, National Sales Manager. “Our testing data will enable customers to reduce their design and engineering costs, and, in turn, better serve their customers’ requirements. We see this facility continuing to grow and expand its capabilities, too, ensuring we’re always able to address customers needs as they evolve.”

Bostik’s move to the expanded Farmington Hills facility also comes at an ideal time for the company, which recently acquired Prochimir, a leading technical films expert, in late 2019. This new acquisition brings further technologies and product offerings to customers, allowing them to more easily meet production line and product performance needs across durable goods markets. Additionally, Arkema, Bostik’s parent company, is in the process of finalizing the acquisition of Fixatti, a company that specializes in thermobonding adhesive powders. This acquisition will further strengthen Bostik’s offering of hot melt bonding solutions for automotive applications.

For more information on Bostik’s new sales and technical center and how its capabilities can help your company, contact a Bostik expert today.

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