Bostik’s Partnership with SWR Institute

An initiative we have taken within our construction sealant division at Bostik is to maintain a positive relationship between all parties including the specifier, general contractor, product installation contractor and building owner. Part of maintaining that positive relationship relies on making sure we go above and beyond to convey the most accurate and relevant data about our products.

One of the ways we ensure we maintain a positive relationship is by putting in extra effort on our end by partnering with different trade construction organizations. For example, Bostik is a member of the Sealant, Waterproofing and Restoration Institute (SWR Institute). This organization provides educational programs, publications and a collective of members who promote industry-wide standards for products and applications.

Bostik is an active participant in the Sealant and Waterproofing Restoration Institute (SWR Institute). Their membership is principally comprised of waterproofing contractors (60%), followed by manufacturers and associates. As a longstanding and respected organization, SWR Institute started their own independent validation program of construction sealants as a way to improve technical data sheet accuracy among adhesives and sealants used in construction. This validation program is formed utilizing third party verification, which as SWR Institute states, “…helps certify that products not only consistently meet their stated individual design specifications, but also perform to industry standards.” These validation programs have become respected test methods valued by the end-user, contractor and specifiers to clarify and identify those products, which perform to published standards.

Through the use of SWR Institute-accredited third party labs, a manufacturer is able to have selected construction products tested for specific performance parameters pre-defined by SWR Institute. The product test candidate is independently procured via an authorized distributor by the prequalified testing lab for their test purposes. Upon completion of testing, test data is reviewed by the manufacturer and then can be authorized for publication on the SWR Institute website. The architectural community is becoming more aware of the credibility and reliability of this product validation program. Specifiers are now including this product validation as part of their product requirements.

Bostik has embraced the idea of this third party lab testing and we have numerous products that have received the SWR Institute seal of approval. For example, Bostik 915 FS is a newer product that was recently validated under the Liquid Sealants Validation Program. Bostik 915 FS is a one-component polyurethane, non-sag sealant. It possesses fast skin and cure times. Additionally, it has successfully passed +/- 35% joint movement capability. After rigorous third party testing, we now have the validation that Bostik 915 FS not only meets our testing standards, but also meets third-party, industry wide standards as well.

We believe their membership, as previously stated, is principally comprised of contractors to be the straightforward and reputable resource regarding product use and performance. We also believe this validation program helps to alleviate confusion in selecting an adhesive or sealant for a specific construction application.

Contractors and specifiers can be confident in using Bostik’s SWR Institute validated construction sealants and adhesives. They can have peace of mind knowing that these products have undergone rigorous testing and have successfully met or surpassed selected testing criteria. Learn more about our validated products by getting in touch with a Bostik sealant expert today.

To learn more about SWR Institute, visit: www.swrionline.org.

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