July 15, 2016 - Flexible Packaging

Bostik’s Technical Capabilities for the Packaging Market

For over 125 years, Bostik has been a global industrial adhesives leader specializing in the packaging market. While our company offers a range of products for packaging applications including case and carton sealing, container labeling and graphic arts, there’s more to Bostik than quality adhesives. Let’s take a closer look at some of our technical capabilities.

Bostik’s Technical Service Capabilities

Bostik works with customers to address process issues, conduct performance audits and provide technical and product recommendations. By doing so, our technical service team is able to save customers significant time and money.

For example, the Bostik technical service team did a company-wide assessment of a large frozen food producer’s packaging adhesive usage. We found that this producer used four separate adhesives across their various processes. We were able to consolidate down to one adhesive, greatly simplifying their ordering and manufacturing logistics.

Bostik’s Analytical Capabilities

Bostik specializes in helping customers understand what their problem is and what products are best suited to solve it. To do this, Bostik uses our deep understanding of adhesive compositions and characterizations.

For example,  certain packaging trends, such as using substrates with higher recycled content, have impacted an adhesive’s ability to bond to these substrates. Bostik’s analytical capabilities have helped us determine new solutions for our customers, including adhesives that can adhere to the shorter paper pulp fibers.

Bostik’s Product Development Capabilities

Bostik has years of experience in formulating adhesives based on different chemistries, including EVAs, olefins and SBCs. Additionally, our company has a team dedicated to looking at newer raw materials and anticipating customers’ future needs.

For example, polyurethanes have been traditionally used in bookbinding spine applications for high gloss paper stocks. As the level of paper coating increases, it becomes harder to bond to using traditional hot melts. Our product development team, however, has been researching new hot melt technologies for this packaging application. In their findings, hot melt adhesives could replace polyurethanes. Hot melts offer the following advantages over polyurethanes:

  • A more environmentally friendly option with no hazardous emissions
  • Ease of use
  • Fast setting, no curing required
  • Lower cost

Furthermore, Bostik works with customers to develop products that meet their specific requirements.

For more information about our technical capabilities, call 800-7-BOSTIK.

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