October 9, 2018 - Rigid Packaging

3 Bottled Water Manufacturing Trends Shaping the Industry

According to Beverage Industry, bottled water continues to be the leading consumed beverage in the U.S., reaching $18.5 billion in sales in 2018. With water consumption on the rise, gain insight into three leading manufacturing trends that are defining this industry to ensure you stay up to date.

  1. Increased Recyclability

Manufactured out of PET, the most widely recycled plastic worldwide, bottled water is currently the most frequently recycled type of beverage container. Comprised of 100% recyclable materials, companies also are using recycled plastic in their manufacturing.

  1. Decreased Energy Usage

With global pressures to reduce energy consumption, bottled water manufacturers are able to easily meet these demands. According to Beverage Industry, bottled water assembly processes use the least amount of energy out of all other types of package beverages. As a result, its low energy usage and environmental footprint help increase its sustainability levels.

bottled water

  1. Decreased Material Usage

Additionally, bottled water manufacturers have reduced the material volume by over 50% in the last few decades. In addition to thinner, lighter weight plastic bottles, they are manufacturing them in shapes and sizes that enhance convenience and portability for consumers. By reducing the amount of materials used, bottled water manufacturers also are able to decrease material waste.

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