May 19, 2020 - Building & Construction

Build the Best Metal Roofs in the Business

Metal roofing is expected to grow faster than any other roofing product for both residential and commercial roofing projects. However, metal roofs are arguably only as good as the products used in their manufacturing. Discover three ways you can easily build the best metal roofs in the business with the right product.

  1. Increase Metal Roof Performance

In 2020, the Florida Building Code increased roof testing requirements for the high velocity wind uplift test. This means that metal roofs are now subjected to greater wind speeds during manufacturing to see if they will be able to withstand hurricane force gales in the field.

Metal roofs built with mechanical fasteners or clips may not pass this test. When exposed to such extreme wind speeds, those materials are likely to break off, causing significant damage.

When manufacturing your metal roof, consider using an innovative, elastic bonding adhesive. This ensures that the metal roof is able to “give” under high wind speeds while remaining intact overall and not compromising on performance.

Bostik’s 915 elastic bonding adhesive product offers this capability. It is the first product on the market to pass the new high velocity wind uplift test requirements and enables your metal roofing system as a whole to pass as well.

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2. Improve Metal Roof Longevity

When designed properly with the right materials, a metal roof can last for many decades. To ensure the metal roof you manufacture offers significant longevity, consider a product that offers both flexibility and waterproofing capabilities. This will enable your roof to withstand harsh elements and keep the building beneath it protected.

Bostik’s 915 product is both an elastic bonding adhesive and waterproofing sealant. By applying it during manufacturing and installation, you can rest assured that:

  • The metal roof will maintain performance even after extended exposure in extreme conditions
  • Water will not penetrate the roof, improving roof and building longevity

3. Enhance Metal Roof Aesthetics

Metal roofs are often manufactured with Kynar® 500 resin-based painted coatings. These coatings ensure the paint maintains color stability overtime. However, many waterproofing sealants are unable to adhere to these slick coatings, which can mean the metal roof is susceptible to damage.

Bostik’s 915 is the only recommended product designed to adhere to Kynar 500 resin-based painted coatings. As a result, metal roofs with 915:

  • Maintain color stability without suffering from water damage
  • Offer extended weather and waterproofing protection
  • Ensure a bond even under extreme wind conditions

Get started using Bostik’s 915 on your metal roof, and build the best metal roof in the business! Click here to get in touch with a Bostik expert. You can also check out this other relevant content:

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