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August 4, 2022 - Assembly

Why You Need Polyamide Adhesives for Filter Manufacturing

As a filter manufacturer, it’s important to ensure your end-use filters are able to meet key performance criteria, such as chemical protection and high temperature resistance – without negatively impacting production efficiencies. This can be challenging to accomplish for pleat separation and end cap bonding applications especially without the right bonding technology. For example, you …

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July 28, 2022 - Assembly Bostik News

Turn Up the Heat on Your Performance with Specialty Hot Melt Solutions

Bostik’s specialty hot melts provide an extensive line of thermobonding solutions that offer high performance, improved sustainable features and operational efficiencies. Learn about the range of products available in pellets, powders, webs and films to determine the right solution for your manufacturing processes. Contact a Bostik representative to learn more about choosing the right specialty …

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July 28, 2022 - Assembly

On-Demand Presentation: Reactive Hot Melt Polyurethanes for Demanding Applications

Are you interested in learning how hot melt polyurethanes (HMPURs) can maximize your assembly application’s performance? Check out this on-demand presentation! Watch Bostik Technical Service Engineer Cyrielle Kolbecher’s presentation “Reactive Hot Melt Polyurethanes for Demanding Applications”, initially given at the Adhesives & Bonding Expo, to learn: How reactive HMPURs compare to other hot melts When …

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May 23, 2022 - Assembly

On-Demand Webinar: Why Use Born2Bond™ Anaerobic Solutions Over Other Methods

Are you looking for solutions to provide durable, long lasting protection to your MRO assembly equipment? Register for our on-demand webinar about anaerobics adhesive solutions! Gain insight into the advantages of choosing threadlocking, pipe sealing, gasketing and retaining compounds, including: Benefits over traditional bonding methods to ensure your equipment operates efficiently Differences between compounds Simple …

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