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June 2, 2022 - Building & Construction

OEMs: Ensure Your Windows are Installed with the Right Sealant Technology 

As a window manufacturer, it is essential to develop products that supply strong, long-lasting protection to a home or building. However, a manufacturer must also ensure their windows are able to be properly installed so the windows reach their full end-use performance potential.  One way to ensure this is to provide the right installation sealant. …

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Are You Prepared to Meet 2030 Sustainability Goals?

While many manufacturing companies across markets have sustainability goals, these goals can often get deprioritized when trying to address pressing, immediate issues, such as supply chain disruptions and rising costs. However, sustainability is slated to become an increasingly top demand from OEMs and brand owners in years to come, due to governmental initiatives and consumer pressures.  …

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March 30, 2022 - Building & Construction

Bostik to Exhibit at International Mass Timber Conference

Bostik Performance Adhesives, formerly Ashland’s performance adhesives business prior to Bostik’s acquisition, will exhibit and feature its Isoset™ and Isogrip™ series adhesives for engineered wood and construction applications at this year’s International Mass Timber Conference April 12-14, 2022 in Portland, OR. Marking its seventh year, Mass Timber is the largest gathering of mass timber experts …

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February 17, 2022 - Building & Construction

Address Roofing Supply Chain Issues with True Butyl

In today’s rapidly changing society, roofing manufacturers are citing supply chain issues as a major challenge to keeping up with roofing project demand. These issues are primarily due to:  Less resource availability from suppliers, including for wood, asphalt and shingles   Unpredictable severe weather, such as tornadoes, flooding and wildfires  Manufacturers do not have a timeline …

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