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May 19, 2022 - Flexible Packaging

Why the Package Industry Should Stop Using Clamshells

Plastic clamshell packaging, or clamshells, have long been an industry standard for packaging food produce. This is because the plastic materials make clamshell processing affordable to manufacture and sell while their durability helps protect packaging contents. Further, clamshell transparency allows consumers to clearly see the food inside the package before they buy it, which increases …

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Are You Prepared to Meet 2030 Sustainability Goals?

While many manufacturing companies across markets have sustainability goals, these goals can often get deprioritized when trying to address pressing, immediate issues, such as supply chain disruptions and rising costs. However, sustainability is slated to become an increasingly top demand from OEMs and brand owners in years to come, due to governmental initiatives and consumer pressures.  …

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Address Top Confectionary Packaging EU-Compliant Concerns

Brand owners want to sell their confectionary product packaging applications in the EU to increase their revenue and offer their products’ benefits to more consumers. However, they must have EU-compliant packaging to do so. This compliance can be challenging for packaging converters to achieve and may cause concerns about the potential for:  Increased qualification steps  …

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3 Reasons to Manufacture Compostable Packaging

Considering compostable adhesives in your manufacturing can be intimidating. Check out this infographic to learn why it may be the smart decision.

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