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October 18, 2021 - Flexible Packaging

Why Using a Heat Seal Could Benefit Your Packaging

Packaging is massively changing due to increased shipping and changes in the way people eat or use products. This can create more demands on manufacturers to be sustainable, cost effective and timely with delivering the supplies needed. While heat seal technology can greatly help with these needs, it’s important to know how the performance of …

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Online Order Fulfillment Assembly Line Trends

As e-commerce skyrockets, the online order fulfillment process adapts to keep up with rising demands. Certain ways the process has changed to meet these demands are as follows: Downgauging Materials Plants are using thinner papers and label release liners along with lower adhesive coat weights. This enables them to reduce costs while increasing material mileage. Using Sustainable Substrates In addition to …

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August 5, 2021 - Flexible Packaging

VIDEO: Why You Need to Know About M-Resins for Resealable Packaging Applications

Watch this short video to learn how m-resin adhesive technology helps you easily accomplish resealable packaging needs!

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May 11, 2021 - Flexible Packaging

Does Your Lidding Film Meet Consumer Preferences?

As food packaging evolves to meet consumer preferences, lidding film is growing in popularity due to its unique attributes to address these preferences. Gain insight into why this is the case to ensure your lidding meets them as well. Lidding Film Benefits Consumers are gravitating toward food packaging that offers an easy peel and effective …

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