March 16, 2018 - Flexible Packaging

Why You Only Need 1 Cold Seal Adhesive for 3 Flexible Packaging Structures

Cold seal adhesive coatings are a popular choice for flexible packaging assembly. Enabling increased line speeds and reduced maintenance costs, they also offer operational efficiencies. One cold seal in particular, however, stands out among the rest. Take a look at how Bostik’s Turbo-Seal® C1775B is suited for the following structures, simplifying processes and improving product performance.

Laminated Structures

Commonly used in granola and confectionary applications, laminated structures are evolving to use matte release surfaces over traditional clear release surfaces. While cold seal adhesives have been ideal for these structures in the past, the new matting agents are causing them to have performance and adhesion issues.

Unlike other cold seals, however, Bostik’s Turbo-Seal C1775B functions well on laminated structures’ clear and matte release surfaces, improving overall package performance and aesthetics. This is due to the following:

  • Its soft nature enables it to overcome the physical embossing effect of the matte films while maintaining packaging aesthetics.
  • It eliminates cohesive failure by increasing the probability of polymer chain entanglement under pressure.

Surface Print Structures

These structures are commonly used in confectionary applications. One area of concern for cold seals is surface contamination when the adhesives come in direct contact with the release coating.

Turbo-Seal C1775B, however, is formulated to seal through any slight surface contaminate by overcoming surface disruption. In doing so, this cold seal:

  • Reduces seal failures
  • Simplifies processes
  • Improves product performance

Overwrap Structures

Popular in secondary packaging, overwrap structures often have the cold seal adhesive applied directly to the reverse-printed ink. This causes the cold seal to have higher adhesion to the ink than when applied to the unprinted film and increases the likelihood of surface contamination.

Bostik’s Turbo-Seal C1775B is able to address these issues as well. Its inherent softness helps overcome the increased adhesion and deliver a good commercial seal.

For more information on how Bostik’s cold seal stands out in the market, improving efficiencies and performance, visit www.bostik.com.

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