December 11, 2013 - Bostik News

Commitment to Customer Excellence

At Bostik, our customers’ success is our highest priority. Keeping this commitment means we must ensure a clear channel of communication, and ready support, between our product team and the people who use those products.

Enter the Technical Resource Group. As Group director, I describe our role as that of a bridge. We span the gap that sometimes exists between our customers’ needs and the capabilities of Bostik’s talented team. With flexibility and a proactive approach, we connect the technical needs of our customers to the capabilities of our organization.

Here’s how the Technical Resource Group helps Bostik customers on a daily basis:

1) Understanding technical problems

We are the group who really provide for the technical needs of our customers. Together, we investigate the adhesive challenges our customers are facing and define the core issues behind them, so our product development teams can work efficiently to provide a solution.

2) Testing new products

Once our research team has developed a product, the Technical Resource Group lends insatiable curiosity and solid technical know-how to test the product thoroughly. It’s our responsibility to ensure that the product meets all the needs and expectations of our customers. To do this effectively, we spend significant time understanding the machines our customers use to apply our adhesives or use around our adhesives.

3) Troubleshooting customer issues

Because of our close involvement with every stage of the process, the Technical Resource Group is able to guide our customers in applying Bostik adhesives successfully. We answer questions and provide training on how to optimize the use of our adhesives; we also troubleshoot challenges. In fact, troubleshooting is one of our most exciting jobs and provides much positive value both to the customer and to us. What we learn from troubleshooting one issue, we apply proactively to the development of new products and to other customers’ challenges.

Ultimately, the Technical Resource Group’s greatest strengths truly are its proactivity and flexibility. We provide not just a bridge, but a holistic solution for customers and our Bostik colleagues at every stage of the adhesives journey.

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