December 15, 2019 - Tape & Label

3 Ways to Reduce Bottle Labeling Cost

With consumers buying more bottled beverages than ever before, labels help beverage companies get their products noticed and purchased. Yet while these companies embrace bottle labeling trends to appeal to consumer preference, they can also reduce cost with the following considerations:

1. In-House Capabilities

Many brands are bringing labeling capabilities in-house. This allows for better management of materials and less complex logistics. Helping keep costs low, this switch also enables opportunities for economies of scale.

2. Materials 

Thinner bottle and label materials aid in cost reduction throughout the manufacturing process. For example, thinner materials mean:

  • Reduced shipping costs: due to more material per volume
  • Reduced inventory costs: due to less space being used

3. Waste

Certain types of bottle labels, such as wrap-around and shrink sleeve, don’t require a liner. Additionally, adhesive use is minimal to adhere these types of labels onto the bottles. With large-scale bottle labeling runs, this can result in significant waste reduction and cost savings.

In addition to changing manufacturing processes to save money, using the right bottle labeling adhesive can help. Bostik’s hot melt and water-based bottle labeling adhesives offer further operational efficiencies and further cost reduction as a result. Contact a Bostik expert to learn more. 

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