Understanding Hot Melt Polyamide Adhesives

With applications in several markets including packaging, filtration, assembly and automotive, it’s understandable why hot melt adhesives are growing in popularity and demand.

Let’s take a look at one type of hot melt adhesive in particular: hot melt polyamide adhesives.

What are Hot Melt Polyamide Adhesives?

Hot melt polyamide adhesives are 100% non-volatile, thermoplastic adhesive resins. Supplied in pellet form and solid at room temperature, they offer beneficial characteristic properties necessary in demanding performance environments. These include:

  • Good chemical and grease resistance compared to other chemistries
  • Excellent plasticizer resistance
  • Good to excellent performance at elevated temperatures
  • Low application viscosity
  • Adhesion to a variety of substrates

hot melt polyamides

What Should be Considered When Choosing the Right Hot Melt Polyamide Adhesive?

Required Temperature Performance

  • An application’s temperature requirements are a primary concern when choosing a hot melt polyamide. Bostik manufactures hot melt polyamides with high temperature performance of >150°C.

Process Requirements

  • Process parameters can guide the selection of the right product. Bostik’s hot melt polyamides have a range of open times (20-60 seconds).

Substrate Compatibility

  • Bostik’s hot melt polyamides are well suited for a variety of substrates including:
    • Wood
    • Leather
    • Fabric
    • Paper
    • Plastics
    • Heated Metal

Bostik’s Featured Hot Melt Polyamide Adhesives

Bostik offers a variety of smart hot polyamide adhesive products. Certain products in particular are:

HM4229: This thermoplastic, dimer-acid polyamide supplied in pellet form. It features excellent plasticizer resistance, has a long open time and good temperature resistance. HM4229 can bond to a variety of substrates including wood, metal and many plastics including plasticized PVC.

HM4289: This hot melt polyamide adhesive has a moderate open time and offers the benefits of low viscosity for applications requiring high outputs. With a good balance of high and low temperature properties, HM4289 bonds to a variety of substrates including wood, engineered papers, non-wovens for the filter market and other materials used in automotive applications.

HM4278: This product is a high-performance dimer acid polyamide adhesive designed for filter applications. Fast setting, it offers the combined benefit of low viscosity for applications requiring high outputs and a good balance of high and low temperature properties.

For more information on hot melt polyamide adhesives, call 800-7-BOSTIK.

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