February 10, 2021 - Aerospace

Contact Adhesives for Aircraft Interiors

From heat seal adhesives to skin to core composite adhesives, non-structural aerospace adhesives have a range of formulations and applications for aircraft interiors. As trends in aerospace grow and new materials are introduced into cabin interiors, the need for these adhesives to bond substrates together increases as well. Let’s take a closer look at contact adhesives used in aircraft interiors.

What are Contact Adhesives?

Contact adhesives are based on polymers that have the advantage of high initial strength. Because these adhesives are fast acting, they are ideal for attaching large surfaces together such as laminates in aircraft interiors.


Laminates are used primarily for panel and fabric applications to adhere layered constructions together. Applications include decorative trims, seating upholstery and cushions.

Types of Technologies for Contact Adhesives

Liquid: This type of adhesive technology is ideal for bonding multiple fibrous, porous and non-porous substrates. Contact adhesives manufactured using liquid technology are either solvent based or water based.

  • Solvent based contact adhesives dry fast allowing bonds to be made quickly. Typically tolerant of surface contamination, solvent based contact adhesives also usually contain a flammable solvent.

Bostik product offering of Boeing specified products add safety for manufacturers and airline passengers.

  • Water based contact adhesives must be dried completely to obtain optimum adhesion and water resistance, particularly when on metal substrates. These adhesives may require the use of stainless steel application equipment.

Film: This type of adhesive technology forms a thin, flexible layer, which can be heat applied and activated or pressure sensitive for aircraft interior applications. The peel and stick films are perfect for pre-applied applications, including decorative laminates.

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