July 7, 2014 - Bostik News

Customer Benefits of Working with Bostik

You need to place an order. You need to address an issue with a product. You need a little help with something. So, you find or reach a customer service representative to ask a few questions and hopefully get some answers. Is there anything more frustrating when dealing with customer service reps than when you can see or hear them just going through the motions? You can hear the drawl in their voices, see the glazed look in their eyes as they go over the required script of questions and answers. They aren’t trying to help; they are following their required protocol. Your problem may be addressed and solved, but did anyone go above and beyond to help you find the best solution possible?

This bare minimum approach to customer service is the way many companies handle their clients. It is a revolving door of form answers set on autopilot to get the complaint handled swiftly and efficiently. Certainly, this method can be helpful, but it is often the least amount of help for the customers, and this way of dealing with customers’ concerns is rarely favored by those needing the assistance.

Bostik sees things differently. We don’t just have customer service, we have customer care, and Bostik cares very much when it comes to our customers and their needs. Bostik has a reputation as a company that is very honest and candid with our clients. In our interactions with customers, our representatives are friendly and frank. There is no uniform way of dealing with the customer issues, because our customers are not uniform. Every client and concern is different, and we personalize each interaction in order to create strong and lasting relationships with our customers by truly solving their dilemmas.

Bostik aims to be helpful. This has been one of our ideals for as long as the company has existed. Our representatives will openly share possible solutions and make sure that clients are aware of every option available. You will often hear advice from a Bostik customer care rep for more cost effective options or swifter means of accomplishing a goal, which is another frustration in dealing with typical customer service — finding out that your money or time could have been saved dealing with an issue in an alternate way. You may get your solution, but learn later that there was a better way, and the customer rep said nothing, probably because you didn’t ask. Bostik customer care reps take every opportunity to share all the options available to our clients, by offering more cost effective options or suggesting better products for the job. We are aware that this is not the norm, but we strive to be better than the average company in every way.

It is often difficult to break through the barriers and defenses of our new or potential customers, as they have been treated a certain way for so long. Many times, they don’t expect such attentive service from a company, but our willingness to offer the most welcoming and open assistance is what has made Bostik the new standard of customer relations. This open and attentive way of interacting with customers’ needs has allowed Bostik to develop loyalty from our clients. That loyalty is important to us. Striving to offer the best service and the ultimate benefits has kept our customers satisfied and returning. Bostik’s responsive, honest, and truly helpful customer service makes sure our customers have the best experience possible.

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