March 16, 2020 - Tape & Label

Are Your Dairy Labels Addressing Consumer Preferences?

Consumers increasingly gravitate toward dairy products, making it important for manufacturers and brand owners to address their preferences, build brand loyalty and increase product sales. One way to do this is through the package’s label. Follow these simple tips to ensure your dairy labels address consumer preferences.

Go with a No-Label Look

Many consumers feel favorably about brands that appear all-natural and pure. Dairy products are no exception. One way dairy packaging can address this preference is by using clear labels on products. In addition to boosting product visibility, clear labels evoke a sense of simplicity and purity to consumers, conveying that natural brand image they love.

Consider Recyclable Label Materials

Additionally, consumers increasing care about package sustainability. They are looking to purchase products packaged in sustainable materials. Dairy labels manufactured from plant-based fibers or recyclable materials are one way to appeal to this preference.

dairy labels

Think About Clean Label Messaging 

Consumers are also preferring products that resonate with healthy values. For example, they look for products that are:

  • Free from artificial ingredients or preservatives
  • Low in sodium or fat content

Dairy labels can be used to communicate healthy messaging to consumers. Consider using the label to convey messaging such as “cage-free” and “no artificial sweeteners”. This will help the dairy product resonate with health-conscious consumers.

As dairy labels evolve to meet consumers’ shifting values, it’s important to use a dairy label adhesive that can keep up as well. Bostik manufactures adhesives designed to:

  • Improve label performance
  • Increase operational efficiencies
  • Enhance worker safety

Contact a Bostik expert today to learn how these adhesives can help you design labels that address consumer preferences. You can also view this relevant content:

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