December 23, 2020 - Aerospace

Do Your Aircraft Interior Designs Improve Utility?

As aircraft interiors continue to evolve, better meeting consumer preferences for comfort and connectivity, it’s a good idea for design engineers to keep in mind how their designs can also improve aircraft interior utility.

Take a look at certain innovations to ensure your designs measure up.

Aircraft Interior Galleys

In an effort to make the most of allotted space on a widebody aircraft, galleys are being redesigned to offer increased storage and usability. For example, certain galley unit concepts may offer:

  • Shredders to reduce food waste space
  • Mobile drinks dispenser
  • Overhead rails for flight attendant comfort

These new aircraft interior designs to the galleys may also include food and beverage order functionality

aircraft assembly

Aircraft Interior Seating

Innovative seating is also improving aircraft interior utility. For example, new seating lines are being manufactured that offer increased seat storage. By enabling passengers to better use the space right in front of and below them, value perception increases as well.

Aircraft Interior Overhead Bins

Other likely design changes relate to overhead bins. In particular, these are being optimized to include:

  • Increased storage capacity
  • Customization potential

Additionally, their utility may increase with advanced lighting features that will indicate how much space remains in a bin.

For more news on what design changes are happening to aircraft interiors, check out Aircraft Interiors International. If you’re considering how to assemble new interior designs to ensure performance and safety needs are met, this relevant content may help:

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